Zach Malmgren

Indianapolis, IN
520.305.9987 (C)
[email protected]


  • CCNP / CCNA Certifications (2008), MCSA (Windows 2003), MSCE (Windows NT 4.0, 1997).
  • Knowledgeable in multiple routing protocols, Cisco hardware and security practices.
  • Experienced in OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, vPC, VSS (Virtual Switching System), ASA firewalls, Dynamic & LAN-to-LAN VPNs, Nexus line (7ks, 5ks, and 2ks), 6500, 4500 & 2900 (stack) Series Switches, ISR Routers.


2015-Present: — Home Point Financial (formerly Stonegate Mortgage), Indianapolis, IN
Network Engineer

  • Brought on to provide mentoring and training to other network staff.
  • Worked on larger enterprise-based projects:
    • WAN Redesign: Move from single vendor MPLS with cable-modem backups to multivendor MPLS.
    • DMVPN Redesign: Clean up routing and failover configurations to provide a consistent and “templatized” framework for all sites.
    • Remote Access VPN: Move from SSL VPN to IKEv2 IPSec to increase encryption and hashing ciphers.
  • Work as a liaison between management and network group to balance project timelines and expectations as well as prioritize operational needs against project milestones.

2015-2015: — NewPath (Cisco VAR), Indianapolis, IN
Senior Network Engineer

  • SME for all things Route / Switch / Firewall related
  • Required strong “soft skills” working with clients to determine root issues, recommend products, solutions and / or develop project plans.
  • Provide guidance to customers on products and services the company wished to sell, while maintaining a customer advocacy mindset; providing them with right-sized solutions designed to bring about the best RoI and foster customer trust.

2013-2014: — The Finish Line, Indianapolis, IN
Senior Network Engineer / Team Lead

  • Helped to design and implement replacement of core infrastructure. Moved from a single 6500 series switch to redundant Nexus 7ks, with 4 redundant 5ks in dual vPC mode, with 10 2ks for Top-of-Rack / End-of-Row connectivity. Added 4 4500 (non-chassis) switches for WAN and IDF aggregation and line rate speeds
  • Saved the company $130,000 in hardware costs by recommending hardware appropriate to the company’s needs rather than simply buying the “biggest and best”
  • Provided support for 750 MPLS sites utilizing redundant head-end Metro Ethernet connectivity
    • Issues included: EEM script failures, BGP propagation delay within the provider network, 3G wireless backup connectivity, EIGRP / BGP route redistribution
  • Mentored and trained 2 network administrators and 7 NOC staff as needed or requested. Provided Tier 3 / 4 support for larger projects and issues

2011-2013: — Netech (Cisco VAR), Peoria, IL
Systems Engineer

  • Position requires strong interpersonal relationship skills for interfacing with client requests, managing vendor relationships, supervising escalation issues, and communicating effectively with all parties to ensure smooth transitions through project milestones
  • Required to be subject matter expert for client facing projects on a variety of protocols, hardware platforms, and design best practices
    • This required being able to quickly assess client networks and implementations to determine best courses of action for repair or design (based on client request), with a broad understanding of technologies and techniques to accomplish client goals
  • Able to work independently in a home-office environment while communicating with clients and co-workers on a variety of issues and projects

2005-2011: — Affina, Peoria, IL
Senior Data Network Administrator

  • Manage six remote locations, one internationally, connected via full and fractional DS-3 on an AT&T provided MPLS backbone supporting over 1500 hosts
  • Responsible for the installation, maintenance, backup and configuration of all corporate Cisco equipment
  • Implemented Quality of Service on all WAN links by marking all incoming traffic with the appropriate DSCP codes, reducing the size of the TX-Ring (hardware queue) to minimize delay and jitter, and creating the appropriate queues for outbound traffic including an LLQ for VoIP
  • Performed an Internet access upgrade where the company moved from each site having T1 Internet access to a multi-vendor 45Mbps DS-3 connection at a central location utilizing BGP for failover which required the petitioning of ARIN for direct assignment of IP address and AS numbers

2005-2005: — Dynamic Graphics, Peoria, IL
Senior Systems Administrator

  • Managed Cisco routers, Pix firewalls, and switches in multiple international locations connected via VPN and full DS-3 Internet connectivity

1999-2003: — Affina, Peoria, IL
Senior Systems Administrator

  • Migrated company from static routes to a single area OSPF implementation
  • Pulled managed Internet services (including firewall maintenance) from our vendor AT&T and brought them “in house” with locally managed Cisco routers and Pix
  • Provided connectivity support to a growing number of clients initially via Frame-Relay and point-to-point connections with VPN connectivity becoming more prevalent as time went on
  • Administered Cisco Routers / Switches / Firewalls. Duties included Extended Access Lists, Static Routes, OSPF (single area environment), setting connection duplex and speeds, and Spanning Tree configurations, VLANs, NAT (Network Address Translation), and security
  • Managed 120+ Windows NT / 2000 servers & 2000+ workstations in a multiple resource domain model in 5 different sites over WAN links

1998-1999: — CILCO, Peoria, IL
Network Administrator

  • Shared responsibility for CISCO routers 1600, 2500, 2600, & switches 1924, 2900, 5500
  • Managed administration of 35+ Windows NT servers & 1200+ workstations in a single domain model in 15 different sites over WAN Links
  • Assisted in conversion from Token Ring to Ethernet

1997-1998: — DRA Software Training, Tucson, AZ
Network Engineer

  • Aided in conversion from Novell 3.x servers to Windows NT 4.0 servers
  • Setup and Managed Windows NT 4.0 Domain

1995-1997: — America Online, Tucson, AZ
Quality Control Specialist

  • Monitored Technical Representatives as they took customer calls and rated them on their technical accuracy and customer service skills. Trained Representatives on how to lower call times and increase customer satisfaction. “Grade” given to representatives directly affected annual bonuses



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