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Punisher Wannabe

Punisher Wannabe

Zach Malmgren is a Cisco Geek, arguer of strong but ultimately unimportant opinions, watcher of people, poker player, and Punisher wannabe. He grew up in Tucson, Arizona where he learned enough Spanish to know when someone is cussing at him. He started working at America Online when he was 21 (for you young folk, AOL was the end-all-be-all ISP back in the 90s). After he got his AOL jacket from Steve Case he then moved on to getting his MCSE in Windows NT 4.0. After landing a job in Central Illinois at the ripe old age of 23 he worked his way up the computer networking ladder, playing with Cisco equipment since the year 2000 and ultimately nabbing his CCNP.

Zach has been in the Indianapolis area since 2013. If you have the misfortune of meeting Zach, make sure you don’t say anything emotional or illogical; he will be sure to ask far too many questions trying to find out why you have such an odd position on whatever thing you just said.

Zach now whiles away the hours playing poker, dealing with unpacking after a purchase of a new house, and generally looking for ways to get into trouble without the law coming down on him (usually that means speeding and using foul language).

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