Tired of the same old websites?

Me too! Well, I promise this site will be different. It won’t follow a theme, it won’t talk about the same things over and over ad nauseam. The only common thread will be witty banter, dry humor, and one sexy but old-ass looking prune of a host.

Sexy Prunes

Or poop. Maybe it’s poop. They look so similar.

This site will host some of my better photos, discussions around Cisco technologies and configurations, detailed reviews of products or services I have purchased, and probably some commentary or two (million) about some news event or editorial article I have issues with.

This site has gone through many iterations over the years: sometimes just hosting my resume (more as a place-holder), sometimes being a short-lived blog, sometimes acting as a photography portfolio (which I’m sure no one visited), but usually neglected and suffering from a general lack of interest.

I have a renewed commitment to this site. Some aspect of life is tugging on me, urging me that I have something to say, even if no one is interested in listening. I figure one of the best ways to keep me engaged is to craft varied content (text, video, and images) and discuss a wide range of subject matters.

The comment sections allow logins via WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts, as well as just creating a local login on this site if you want. So, be sure to participate and share! Let’s build a community of smart-asses and prune lovers!